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Paper Service FHB

Paper Service FHB is an authorized operator of non-hazardous waste treatment.

Paper Service FHB was established in 2010. During several years of operation, Paper Service FHB has become the leader in the collection of waste paper and other types of packaging waste in Serbia.

Annually, Paper Service FHB collects and transports more than 85,000 tons of waste paper, PET and foil. All volumes of collected waste paper are processed in the cardboard and paper production factories in Serbia.

Paper Service FHB operates through a network of recycling centers, which are located in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. The process of opening new recycling centers is underway.

In the fields of recycling and environmental protection, Paper Service FHB cooperates with the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the campaign „Let’s Clean Serbia“, as well as with local governments and many other organizations. The main objective of the project is to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and educate Serbian citizens, especially the younger population, about the necessity and importance of recycling.