• 66, Makarios III Avenue, 1077 Nicosia, Cyprus

Kappa Star Group

KAPPASTAR Group is an investment company, consisting of 5 member companies:

Umka Cardboard Mill – Belgrade, Jaffa Biscuit Factory – Crvenka, Paper Service FHB – Belgrade, Ekostar Pak – Belgrade, Banini Biscuit and Cookie Factory – Kikinda.

Members of the KappaStar Ltd Group are considered the leading manufacturers in their business sector.

The success of KappaStar Ltd Group, from the day of its founding until today, lies in its commitment to production, focus on the needs of its customers, and in constant investment in modern production equipment, HR development, as well as in the extensive experience and diligence of its employees.

KappaStar Ltd Group is a dynamic organization which continuously pursues improvement and growth.


  • Expanding the scope and range of production in order to meet growing customer needs
  • Building relationships based on trust and strong connection with our customers
  • Product innovation and improvement of production processes in line with modern trends
  • Increasing the presence of KappaStar Ltd Group products on the regional markets
  • Becoming a regional leader in all lines of production undertaken by member companies of the KappaStar Ltd Group.