Kappastar Recycling

Kappastar Recycling is an authorized operator of non-hazardous waste treatment.

The company was founded in 2010. During several years of operation, Kappastar Recycling has become the market leader in collection of waste paper and other types of packaging waste in Serbia. Since 2011, Kappastar Recycling started to operate in the regional countries throughout its daughter companies, where today being present in Hungary, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania with a large number of recycling centers.

Annually, Kappastar Recycling collects and transports about 240,000 tons of waste paper, PET, foil, glass and other non-hazardous waste materials. All volumes of collected waste are being recycled, while the complete waste paper volumes are processed in the cardboard and paper production mills in Serbia.

In Serbia, Kappastar Recycling operates through a network of recycling centers, which are located in Belgrade and practically all bigger cities throughout Serbia. Recycling centers in the regional countries are mainly located in the capital cities. The process of opening new recycling centers is underway.